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What Is Breathalyzer Equalizer?

The Breathalyzer Equalizer is a revolutionary product that was professionally formulated by McCoy Moretz, MD FACS, to deal forthrightly with a problem affecting citizens throughout the country, called Residual Mouth Alcohol.

Mouth Alcohol has nothing to do with the true Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) and can produce an errant reading on handheld roadside breath testing devices, used by law enforcement.

The Breathalyzer Equalizer is made of all natural food grade ingredients, which absorbs only the Residual Mouth Alcohol that can produce a false positive on these roadside breath testing devices, used by law enforcement in the field.

Why to use it ?

Residual mouth Alcohol Produces false readings on roadside Breathalyzers.

Significantly reduces mouth alcohol

When to use it ?

After Consuming Any product containing Alcohol


How it works ?


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Why Breathalyzer Eqalizer ?

In a law enforcement training manual that is recognized by police officers across the United States, entitled DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (HS 178 R8/06), which is endorsed by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), provides this definition and warning to police officers about Residual Mouth Alcohol, when using Roadside Preliminary Breath Testing (PBTs) devices:

Will this product prevent me from becoming intoxicated speed up or slow the process down, after drinking alcohol ?

NO! Breathalyzer Equalizer ONLY absorbs residual mouth alcohol and does NOT cause, prevent or reduce intoxication. If you ever feel the least bit intoxicated, DON’T DRIVE! Get a cab or call a sober friend to come get you! This product was specifically designed ONLY for responsible drinking adults, who are NOT intoxicated. Remember, if you feel the effects of alcohol AT ALL, you are intoxicated and DO NOT need to be driving!

NOTE Keep in mind, that you can still be arrested for DUI, even if you blow UNDER your state's legal limit! Most states have a "Less-safe" or similar charge for drivers that are not over the legal limit, but have shown that they are less-safe to be driving, after consuming alcohol.

Problem & Solution:

The Problem - Residual Mouth Alcohol

Did you know you can fail a roadside breathalyzer test if you:

Use certain mouthwashes or breath fresheners just before being stopped by police!

Use your asthma inhaler just before being stopped by Police!

Residual Mouth Alcohol takes approximately 15-20 minutes to dissipate from your mouth after ingesting anything containing alcohol, which can create an inaccurately high breath test result on a roadside breathalyzer test.

NOTE: This Problem is Well Documented by the United States Federal Government - Click Here

The Solution - Breathalyzer Equalizer

Breathalyzer Equalizer is a powder made from all natural ingredients designed specifically to absorb Residual Mouth Alcohol much faster than normal, helping to provide a more accurate reading of one's true Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC), thus significantly reducing the chances of a false DUI arrest or unnecessary detainment at roadside! This also saves law enforcement valuable time on traffic stops, to pursue the truly intoxicated drivers and remove them from our roadways!

Behind the Scene

Mission Statement

Our team is committed to upholding the laws governing 'Driving Under The Influence' and our product is another step in the fight against drunk driving. We believe that smart, impartial decision makers should determine the fate of citizens charged with crimes and not the inherent flaws presented by hand held breath testing devices. We believe that preventing wrongful arrests in a multipronged effort: hence, it takes working with law enforcement, educating the public, and careful and systematic use of our product to aid in securing the most accurate breath test readings at roadside. The system is not perfect and until breath testing devices are flawless, our team offers you The Breathalyzer Equalizer.


Four years ago, DUI attorney Preston Haliburton witnessed firsthand the harmful effects of a false DUI arrest. Mr. Haliburton went on a mission to solve this problem and found the answer in Ron Lloyd, a former state trooper and DUI expert who shared the same concerns. A partnership was immediately formed to help minimize and eradicate the possibility of being subjected to a false DUI arrest due to a virtually unknown problem to the motoring public called Residual Mouth Alcohol.

Preston and Ron then began a journey that lasted over a year, searching for the perfect medical professional to make this idea become a reality. Through this lengthy process, they found the solution in McCoy Moretz, MD FACS, a top surgeon in Beverly Hills, California, who has roots in Georgia as a practicing physician, as well as a background in Chemistry and Human Physiology. Once the team was formed, the three spent more than a year researching and developing the formula that would only absorb the residual alcohol from the oral cavity (Mouth) and have no impact on a persons true Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC), which is now known as the Breathalyzer Equalizer.

The Breathalyzer Equalizer Team

Mr. Preston Haliburton

Mr. Preston Haliburton

Mr. Haliburton has an undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia and a law degree from Georgia State University. Preston has worked for the Attorney General's Office of Georgia as well as worked for Congressman Johnny Isakson and the former Speaker of the House, Thomas B. Murphy. Preston Haliburton has served as President and CEO of Haliburton Law Firm for 6 years where he has focused the majority of his practice in DUI Law and Personal Injury. Preston has represented clients throughout the Metro Atlanta area and throughout the State of Georgia with DUI and other alcohol related charges. Preston has completed numerous advanced training classes in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing in Georgia and he is a Certified Operator of the Alco-Sensor FST roadside breathalyzer. Mr. Haliburton has served as general counsel for a prominent Government Relations firm in Georgia for 5 years, handling complex issues in the regulated industries in Georgia to controversial social issues. Mr. Haliburton in an active member of the Grid-Iron Society in Georgia. Preston is currently the President of the American Association of Aggressive Attorneys and serves a constitutional law consultant for the Metro Association of Classroom Educators representing school teachers throughout the State of Georgia. Preston still handles many complex city, state, and local government issues and operates a successful law firm in the City of Atlanta. He fights for his clients in and outside of the ring; specifically, Preston is a three time All-American Collegiate Boxer and is currently 13-0 as a professional boxer. He has put down the gloves for a while and has decided to dedicate his time to fighting false arrests due to roadside false positives from residual mouth alcohol.

McCoy Mac Moretz, MD, FACS

McCoy "Mac" Moretz, MD, FACS

McCoy "Mac" Moretz, MD, FACS has over 34 years of Medical, Chemistry and Human Physiology expertise. All of which has been instrumental to the development of the Breathalyzer Equalizer product. His study of the science of human physiology and day-to-day practice of medicine and surgery provide him with an expert base for knowledge in development of products that are interactive between the human body and ingested substances. After matriculating from his postgraduate medical studies at the prestigious Emory School of Medicine in Atlanta Georgia, he remained there for over 17 years of private practice prior to his relocation to Beverly Hills, California - 90210, in the field of Facial Plastic Surgery ( He has pioneered the use the principles of Traditional Oriental Medicine and Herbal Therapy with the latest minimally invasive procedures to reduce recovery time in his practice. This approach to treating the whole self - body, mind, and spirit; is his mission. Dr Moretz is the developer of the intellectual property for the Breathalyzer Equalizer powder and co-founder of the company with its principal partners. He is the chief integrator and design formulator for all new products under the corporate banner. He is dedicated to the motto of the Hippocratic Oath - "First, do no harm."

Ron Lloyd

Ron Lloyd

Ron Lloyd has more than 22 years of experience handling DUI cases, formerly as a Georgia State Trooper (Sergeant) and currently as an Impaired Driving Consultant, Expert Witness and Trainer in the private sector. The former Sergeant and DUI task force officer, arrested nearly 1000 impaired drivers throughout his career as a State Trooper and served as the Impaired Driving Training Coordinator for the Georgia State Patrol's Training Division. As a Trooper, he dealt with the problem of Residual Mouth Alcohol on a daily basis, as he conducted thousands of roadside breath tests, using a multitude of Government Approved Preliminary Breath Testing (PBTs) devices such as the Alco-Sensor, Alco-Sensor II, Alco-Sensor III, Alco-Sensor IV, Alco-Sensor FST, CMI Intoxilyzer S-D2 and the Passive Alcohol Sensor (PAS) III. He personally owns an Alco-Sensor FST, Alco-Sensor III and a CMI Intoxilyzer S-D2. He has also conducted thousands of evidentiary breath tests on Georgia's and many other state's certified testing instrument, the Intoxilyzer 5000. Mr. Lloyd is recognized as an Expert Witness in DUI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing and he has never been denied the opportunity to testify as an Expert by any court. He has been retained as an Expert on over 5,000 DUI cases, since retiring from law enforcement in 2002. As a State Trooper, Mr. Lloyd received several awards for his dedication to keeping Georgia roadways safer from impaired drivers, which includes a Commissioner's Commendation and two Aggressive Criminal Enforcement Awards (ACE) from the Georgia State Patrol, a Special Recognition Award from The Georgia Safety Management System, a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Academic Accomplishment from the Governor's Office of Highway Safety and a Faithful Service Award from the State of Georgia (Governor Roy Barnes).

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